Falling Up

Falling Up - Shel Silverstein Shel Silverstein was one of my favorite authors as a child, he introduced me to poetry and certainly helped significantly in nourishing my love of books and reading. I will always hold fond memories of all of his books very near and dear to my heart and Falling Up is certainly no exception. I was in sixth grade when this book was published and I think it was the last book by Silverstein that I acquired but certainly not the least. After reading through this book again as an adult it brought back so many memories and emotions of my childhood and tween years, with such nostalgia, and I found I could still recite some of his poetry by heart because they were so ingrained upon me. Not only is the writing, in and of itself, fantastic, the illustrations are also absolutely wonderful and provide an excellent visual aid for a developing imagination.

This is just such a wonderful book for children of any age as well as a book that parents can enjoy while reading with their little ones. I think that Falling Up, as well as any publication by Shel Silverstein, is an essential addition to every child's library. It's a timeless classic that they will love and cherish well into adulthood and one day read with their own children, and grandchildren, for years to come.