Reconstructing Amelia

Reconstructing Amelia - Kimberly McCreight This was overall a decent book. It kept a good pace and the tension continued to build until it reached a decent climax and a not so satisfying conclusion. The ending was pretty disappointing but there were several turns and twists leading up to it that I didn't see coming. This book is told from alternating points of view of past tense, 15 year old Amelia, and present day Kate, Amelia's mother, as she try's to uncover the truth behind her daughters alleged suicide. I would probably have given this a five star rating except I just stayed so annoyed with the brainwashed, spineless , Pollyanna persona that Amelia embraces throughout this book. Maybe she is an accurate example of a typical, weak minded teenager who just desperately wants to fit in somewhere but I couldn't find an awful lot of sympathy for her because she was just such a doormat and she had so many supporters around her that only needed to reach out to for relief. I found it unrealistic that she would have not confided in at least one of them while she was being bullied and manipulated. That was very frustrating for me but I still enjoyed the overall story all the same even though I think 3.5 stars would be more appropriate but since that isn't an option I guess I'm forced to round up to 4. I think if I'd gone into this book expecting a YA it would have been less disappointing but I didn't realize that was the case and thought it was a typical thriller/suspense that came with great reviews and a lot of positive hype which always seems to set decent books up for disappointment when the bar is so high...all that being said I really did like this book although I know this review might sound pretty negative... it wasn't a bad read it just wasn't as good as I was hoping or expecting...but they can't all be 5 stars can they?