Inferno - Dan Brown This book was, eh, okay. It was a typical Dan Brown book. A fictional story with a lot of historical facts, a mixture of science and religion, a a sexy female sidekick with an above average IQ, and an ongoing scavenger hunt where one historical landmark reveals a clue revealing the next historical landmark/clue (remarkably, these clues can only be deciphered by the brilliant Robert Langdon). It wasn't really believable, the ending was predictable, but it was semi entertaining and it held my attention enough that I did, at least, finish the book and will probably even watch the movie even though I expect it will be somewhat disappointing, mediocre at best just like the book, typical Dan Brown. However, I have continued to read Dan Brown books because I can still remember reading (and loving!) The DaVinci code. I couldn't put it down. So far the rest of his books have paled in comparison and with exception to TDC, if you've read one of his books, you've read them all. Again, Inferno was ok, not horrible, definitely nothing fantastic but it passed the time and held my attention and I didn't hate it. Would I recommend it, not really, only to those who LOVED all the other books in the Robert Langdon series and want to read another book EXACTLY like all the rest. Personally, I'm ready to throw in the towel.