Ordeal - Linda Lovelace, Mike McGrady OMG! This book is not for the faint of heart that's for sure, it makes 50 shades look like Beatrix Potter! It's raw, graphic and so filthy you'll need a shower after reading it but for all you freaks out there (in practice or in fantasy)...this one's for you. I couldn't put it down and finished in one setting. It's a lot like a gruesome, car crash - it's horrifying to look at yet you can't take your eyes away. I give this book five-stars because I'll be the first to admit that I loved it. But I will add that I don't for one second believe that Linda Lovelace was the helpless, voiceless victim she tries to claim. Give me a break! I think she was broke as a joke because she wasn't educated enough to negotiate a contract back when she was making adult films she tried to sell her story in book form. At this point I think she's come out with several books already, and they're all complete contradictions of Ordeal but I suppose she had to come up with some new and interesting material to keep those books selling. That's my guess anyway. I was a little put off how she dedicated the book to her son, that seemed odd to me and almost implied that he would be reading the book one day which is absolutely horrific! Anyway, Linda Lovelace passed away in a car accident several years ago so may she Rest In Peace.

Ordeal is definitely worth the read. It's a short, quick read, but don't expect the typical memoir because this book is certainly XXX Rated!