The Giver

The Giver - Lois Lowry I just re-read this book, for the third time and it still strikes me as profound. I can't imagine what I took from it at age 9 or 10 when I first read the book in 4th grade, I think it was, but i'm pretty sure I've taken quite a different outlook on life and matured considerably since then, as I'm now almost 31. But the book is still thought provoking and profound in it's simplicity and that old cliche that ignorance is bliss is certanly challenged and exploited and we're reminded that the imperfections and the detailed diffences are what make us beautiful, not in spite of, but becuse of. Although I've read The Giver three times now, I've yet to read the 3 books that follow in the Giver quartet, for fear that they might not measure up to the high standards of the first. Although my curiosity is getting the best of me after this 3rd time and i might break down and read them, yet I've been told by others that this should have been a stand alone, I'll be my own decider of that. I'm also curious as to the movie rendition of this classic and am looking forward to viewing the work on screen. Five star rating and recommended to anyone at any age and any intrest in reading. This is a great book, quick and easy read with a beautiful message.