Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - Jonathan Safran Foer I absolutely loved this book! It's witty and sweet and funny and heartbreaking and I was sorry to see it end, it was that good! The story is told through the eyes of a gifted little boy named Oskar, who lives in New York City and lost his father in 9/11. Oskar is reluctant to accept his fathers death and move on and he embarks on a journey to discover the origin on a mysterious key he finds hidden in the bottom of a vase in his fathers closet. The main plot is how this extremely love able character travels around the city, his interactions with all different walks of life, while struggling to deal with the loss of his father and a shaky relationship with his mother who haas found a new boyfriend a year later, much to Oskar's dismay. There are also a couple subplots which tie the story together nicely and explain the history of Oskar's family from his grandfathers point of view. I gave this book five starts, and would have given it even more if I could. This book was extremely well written, touching and hard to put down and I would highly recommend it to anyone.