Try Not to Breathe: A Novel

Try Not to Breathe: A Novel - Holly Seddon I've heard so many new thrillers/suspense novels being compared to The Girl on the Train (or Gone Girl), lately, that I don't even take the comparison seriously anymore BUT I think it's safe to assume that if you liked the one than you will like the other as well. This reminded me so much of "TGOTT" although I admit I liked that book slightly better than this one, but only slightly, still there were many similarities. Both had British main characters who were 30 something's and severe alcoholics, each still holding onto a failed marriage while trying to solve a crime and quit drinking simultaneously. Both were somewhat obsessed, or at the very least they had not yet gotten over, their ex husbands, although said ex had moved on to remarry and have a baby, and both had issues around wanting a baby but being unable to have one. ...To name only a few of the very obvious parallels.

I enjoyed this book very much. It's basically about a young woman, named Amy, who was badly beaten at the age of fifteen and since then has been in a semi conscious state, similar to a coma, except she is aware of her thoughts and what is said to her, and doctors believe to have found a medical breakthrough in which she can communicate through a MRI. A journalist, Alex (earlier referenced in this review), is writing an article about Amy connects with Jake, who was Amy's bf at the time of her attack, and both are emotionally invested in finding out who hurt Amy, as the case remains unsolved and long forgotten by police. I guess it sounds like every other suspense move out there when put in those terms but I thought it was entertaining, not blatantly obvious or predictable, and there were sufficient twists throughout to keep me guessing and enough sub plots going on to keep things interesting.