Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline This was not my typical read...I'm not usually into sifi novels but this was kind of hard to catalogue into one specific genre. I guess it was more of a futuristic/dystopian/sifi, packed full of 80's trivia, and it had some realistic possibilities with the way technology continues to advance.
The whole book took place in a future United States where our society, and our planet as a whole, is falling apart after years of abuse and neglect from humans. Gasoline and energy are precious resources, few and far between and extremely expensive and most humans find there escape and refuge in a virtually reality world called the OASIS where many people spend the majority of their time working, playing games or going on quests, attending virtual school, shopping, exploring the 29 sectors of countless planets, all from the anonymity of the personal avatar of their design. The main character, Wade aka Perzeval, is trying to find the ultimate Easter egg, hidden in the Oasis by its founder, J. Holiday who informed every Oasis user of its existence and that he had hidden it somewhere within his vast creation. Whoever finds this hidden gem will inherit Holidays entire fortune worth multi billions! However, the nemesis of Perzeval, and all other Gunters (a term defining gamers who search for the egg professionally) are called the "Sixers", an organization also trying to find the egg so they can take over the Oasis, commercialize it and begin charging everyone who uses it a fee. The sixers are a powerful rival with many members, nearly endless resources, and they are willing to do anything to find Holiday's egg, including killing not only Avatars in the Oasis, but also the actual players controlling the avatars IRL.

One thing I loved about this book, being a child of the 80's myself, was all the 80's references and there were tons! From video games to movies, music, computer models, cartoons, toys, even cereal prizes, it was very nostalgic.

However , one thing that bothered me, and this really isn't a spoiler because it's mentioned in one of the first chapters, maybe even the first chapter, is that we are told right from the beginning that Perzeval won the inheritance by finding the hidden egg. The rest of the book is just an account of how he did it. I don't know why the author set it up like that, maybe because it would have been so obvious that that was what was going to happen he didn't want to insult the readers intelligence so he just put it out there, but whatever the reason it took away all the suspense and anticipation when you know from the beginning how a book is going to end. Regardless of that one little complaint I still really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone even if you're not into video games or sifi because this book really does have something for everyone. I have read there is going to be a movie adaptation, directed by Steven Spielberg I believe, and I can't wait to see that not only because I loved the book so much but also because I can't even imagine how they will translate it from book to movie format. There will definitely be some crazy over the top special effects and if I had to guess I'd be inclined to assume it's going to be fantastic especially if the book is any indication! I gave this book a 5 star rating because it was such a fun, unique, creative read and completely unlike anything else I've ever read before (in a good way) and even though nothing like the OASIS exists today, Cline did such a great job describing it that I feel like I've been there myself, seen and experienced it, and can still recollect it in my minds eye when recalling this book.