Woman No. 17

Woman No. 17 - Edan Lepucki I was very intrigued by the title, cover and the synopsis of [b:Woman No. 17|23616719|Woman No. 17|Edan Lepucki|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1471538523s/23616719.jpg|43221950] and it turned out to be a very unique, interesting and well written book describing the complex dynamics of, and the emotions surrounding, the relationships of a woman. I've been very lucky in that a majority of the books I've read lately, particularly ARC's, have been exceptional and most have received 4 or 5 star ratings from me personally, and excellent reviews in general, well this book was no exception. I'll admit that it was a little slow getting started and I really wasn't expecting what I got, partly because I had seen this book classified in the "mystery" genre which I don't think is accurate, but once I started to get to know the characters I quickly became very interested and invested in their stories. The book gravitates around two women, Lady and S (short for Esther), and the chapters alternate between each of them. The book begins when S is employed by Lady as a live in nanny to care for her two year old son and the two woman strike up a friendship and it turns out they both share a common appreciation, and talent, for art. I really loved the way art was incorporated into this story and I was really able to see into the mind of the artist and understand what a particular piece represented and how it connected to the life of the artist on a very personal level.

There is just so much more to this book than I can reveal in a simple review and I know I wouldn't do it justice if I tried, but it's really well written, very personal and raw and honest and was clearly written from a females perspective and Lepucki did a wonderful, beautiful job capturing the emotions and insecurities that women experience. I highly recommend this book to any woman out there who is looking to read a very well written, interesting book with a lot of depth and a lot of insight into the different relationships that women have. This was easily a 5 star book and Edan Lepucki is a talent to be watched!

I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I also received a physical ARC from a Goodreads giveaway.